Feb 21 – Mar 23, 2019
Curated by ... Jan Maarten Voskuil
It's a small world after all

“It’s a small world after all” is the first in a series of exhibitions curated by artists of Sebastian Fath Contemporary. Starting off with Jan Maarten Voskuil the general idea is that the artists who each have a long time working relationship with the gallery can give some insight depth to their own work by creating a context of other inspirational artists.

Voskuil decided to curate a show with artists literally being near to him. As he states all art throughout the ages is not a matter of big revolutionary ideas with international impact, but moreover a result of local influences, often limited to one or two cafe’s in a neighborhood, or occasional meetings at openings. This is where the big ideas throughout the ages arose.

Nowadays the world has expanded globally through the internet it seems. Artists meet each other online. The result however is that the world seems to be more divided and cut up than ever and people gather in very small groups with alikes on instagram or facebook. It’s a small world after all and the local and social environment is as relevant as ever.

The group of 14 artists are merely based in the two places where Voskuil lived and work the past years; Haarlem and Rotterdam or with artists he showed together, feels comfortable with and inspired. Nothing more and nothing less.

With works by Alain Biltereyst, Rob Bouwman, Erik de Bree, Lily de Bont, Iemke van Dijk, Jasper van der Graaf, Ditty Ketting, Alexandra Roosen, Martijn Schuppers, Tonneke Sengers, Clary Stolte, Vincent Uilenbroek, Jan Maarten Voskuil and Guido Winkler.